ProphecyThe more life (the Lord) teaches me, the more I come to know how critical my thoughts and my intentions are. Thoughts can be a difficult thing to corral at times but, with consistent practice, I find it gets easier. That consistency thing taught me a lesson this week. I make it a consistent part of my daily schedule to fit in some exercise. For a few weeks it just kind of seemed like I was going through the motions but not getting much in the way of positive results. (I was kind of hoping for a few pounds to disappear) Then my husband paid me a compliment and although I still hadn’t gotten the result I had hoped for, I realized that I was getting a positive result – even if all that resulted was that my body was benefiting through better health. Where we place our priorities is where we get our results. Making positive thoughts a priority opens the heart and the mind to a life of positivity and abundance!

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