Remember to be Grateful

RememberThis seemed like an appropriate rerun to post today.  I have posted this meme before however the commentary is fresh! This meme just seemed appropriate as I sit today in ICU with my 10 year old granddaughter who was injured in a rock slide 3 days ago.  It is difficult to see her in pain and mostly immobile. It is hard to think that it will be several months before she can be pain free and her playful self again. Yet my family and I have much to be thankful for. She is alive and she will heal. Although I wasn’t there and I couldn’t see them, I am 100% sure that she was given angelic protection and that we, as a family, have been the beneficiaries of many miracles (again). She is severely injured but all of her injuries are nothing compared to what an understanding of falling boulders and their propensity for damaging human bodies tell us they could have been. Between her angels protecting her from the full impact of those boulders and a gentle giant in her hiking party that threw himself in front of a large Boulder that was falling in her path, she is alive. Her gentle giant was protected himself by a dozen water bottles in his back pack and a few angels of his own. Our lives have been disrupted and will be for several weeks as we make sure that she is surrounded by those who love her most. Yet, I cannot help but have a heart that is filled with gratitude for the incredible  blessings, miracles, and support that we have been blessed with. In reality, there is always more to be thankful for than to be upset about – if we are willing to look for the blessings in our lives!

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