Rocks in Your Path?….

Rocks in my way  sandcastle-766949I have noticed a curious phenomenon. Perhaps you have too. It seems that many (most) individuals are never thrilled about the rocks (trials) that get strewn in their path. They complain about those rocks and how unfair they are and how they are not deserved. However, once they get past them, they become prized lessons learned. I understand why we value those trails (after they over) on two levels. First, I feel that way about my own learning experiences aka trials. Second, having seen heaven and the preparations that we made prior to coming to earth, I understand that, even though we are not able to remember our existence there, our spirits innately understand the incredible value of knowledge and intelligence. That is one of the primary reasons for our existence here. We have come to learn and develop our talents, abilities, gifts and faith. Everything we do that helps us to become better, more capable and more loving is all important!

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