Do you have to have noise when you are alone with yourself? Do you realize that that is a sign that you are not at peace with yourself? If you truly want to be happy, you have to be at peace with yourself. You need to be your own best friend! Being at peace with yourself is a priceless gift that only you can give yourself. Giving yourself that gift is best accomplished by listening to what your heart tells you. It will tell you of your great worth and the God-given passions that have been embedded there. It will tell you of the perfect, unending love that your Creator has for you. It will speak truth to your soul – but you must listen carefully because it will speak with a voice that is reverent and quiet. You will not hear it above the cacophony of your radio or tv. Nor will you hear it while you are fixated on  your smart phone or tablet. You have come into this world with a heart that is full of priceless information intended to be communicated just to you! Take the time and make the effort to become in harmony with your heart – it will be a tremendous blessing!

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