Simple Smile…

simple smile boy-1397787We never know the power of a smile…  How many smiles have been the only positive interaction in an otherwise bleak day? If we live long enough (and most of us do), there will be moments in our lives in which our familiar world vanishes. In those moments, the world continues to move around us – completely unaware that our life has experienced significant loss or trauma. Those who pass by us do not mean to be uncaring but they cannot sense our despair. Our heartache doesn’t hang like a sign around our neck though it feels like it should. As I reflect on those moments in my life, I am so grateful for each stranger who has shared a smile. I am even more grateful for those sensitive souls who, though strangers, knew that I needed an encouraging word or who “hugged” me with their concern. No smile is ever wasted. Every smile acts as an elevator in lifting the positivity levels of our world. Smiles are a universal language of caring – please share your smile today!

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