Soar dawn-190055How can anybody NOT be inspired by Helen Keller? I love who she chose to be and the positive influence she continues to have on this world! I cannot imagine understanding the world as she did given her handicaps. Yet, comprehend she did and she absolutely soared above any preconceived limitations! We all fear things in our life from time to time. We all struggle with not feeling quite adequate. However, that is not where we should be content to stay. We each are meant to soar! We each have an important contribution to make to this world we live in! You ARE awesome and you were born so that you could learn to overcome your personal challenges and SOAR! Listen to your heart and pay attention to the messages it is sending you! What are you meant to do?!! What are your special gifts?!! Listen carefully (you may need to find a quiet place) your heart has lots of wonderful things to tell you about yourself!


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