Step Up and Step Out…

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Each day is a new opportunity – a new clean slate. In all honesty, although I have seen God and I know how vitally important our lives here on earth are, I sometimes struggle to believe in my own abilities. Theoretically, with the experiences that I have had, some may think that that shouldn’t even be an issue. I believe, that for the majority of us, the person who is most often our most difficult adversary is ourself. For me, that holds true. What I think is wonderful and amazing is that just because I find something challenging doesn’t mean I can’t do it. Daily I have the choice to allow myself to be overwhelmed by a difficult task or to make a leap of faith and move forward with the steps I need to take. Each time I choose to make a leap of faith, I am blessed repeatedly to have the experience of overcoming myself. Some days my leap of faith may mean something as simple as making a phone call and other days it may mean that I have to take on a new software or some very difficult task. It doesn’t really matter what presents itself for me – the most important thing is that I choose to keep making those leaps of faith. I suspect each day presents you with the same kinds of opportunities! I hope that you never give up and that you never give in. We are building positive lives of substance here! No matter what each day asks of us – our lives are important and so is our influence with others. Be sure to conquer yourself today and to smile while you do it!

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