Be Sure to Enjoy Life…

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Every day presents new opportunities for joy and for learning. While most days also present adversity or difficulties, which one do you dwell on? The joys or the sorrows? I have found that dwelling and cherishing the simple joys and the wonders of life have enriched my life. I have never spent a moment of my life being sad that I snuggled a baby a few minutes longer nor have I been sad that I told my husband how amazing he is. In recent years, I have a handful of friends who unexpectantly have lost their husbands. Each time that has happened, I have been so grateful that I have taken the time to let my husband or my family members know that I love them! Do you have a hard time expressing love or praise? If you do, know that that can change! You can learn to be more loving and to be better at expressing your love and appreciation. I believe that when we share our love the world becomes a lot more like heaven. Love is a blessing from God and the more it is shared, the more it is received. I hope today and every day will be filled with Love and Wonder for you!

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