Children Make Your Life Important…

Children mom-1403724It doesn’t matter how politically correct people want to be, it is true that having children transforms your life. I was one of those women who never really gave having children much thought. I didn’t expect that the whole experience would come quickly or easily. Except for  nine months of nausea, my experience came both quickly and (sorta) easily. Being a mom is never easy but loving my children has been nothing but easy. I became a mother for the first time on Mother’s Day. My Mother’s Day that year was amazing! But it had nothing to do with me – it had everything to do with that bundle of baby laying in my arms! I know of no other experience that is more emotionally and financially draining and yet I would never have traded a minute of it. I totally believe that each member of the human race is important – and at the same time I can’t help but hold the needs of my children above my own. My children are all grown and gone now and I watch now as they have their own parent experiences and I see the feelings I had for them manifested for their own children. We now have a new generation of important beings in our family and I am an instant fan of each one! Children teach us so much and they give us the ability to look beyond thinking only of ourselves to something better! Just remember, even if you aren’t a parent, we can all be the nurturers of children. I believe with all of my heart that if we want a world of peace and happiness we must all do all that we can to love and nurture children!

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Born Again…Some Humor for Today!

Born again baby-1299514I love quotes! Often when I am reading through quotes, I find one that just speaks to me – those are the ones that I make into memes. Today, I came across this quote! It tickled me so much that I decided that I just had to share some humor today! Every time I read this quote, I can’t help but smile! Hope you enjoy!

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Having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? …Happy Mother’s Day!

No Good Very Bad Day portrayal-89189I love the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst! Recently while surfing the internet, I came across a quote from the book. When I saw it, I just knew I had to use it for my Mother’s Day Meme!  It may seem odd to you but the book about Alexander reminds me of motherhood. On this day when we celebrate our mothers, I am reminded of many who have mothered children but could not have their own. I also think about children from dysfunctional mothers. I think of children who, through no fault of their own, have had to grow up without mothers. Last, but not least, I think of those days as a mother when I thought that early retirement might be a good idea! I am grateful that God created families with both a mother and a father. Both are important and essential. Children do not come with a manual – I know because I have searched high and low for the manuals to my children and nobody, including me, has ever laid eyes on them. So, either they don’t exist or the security surrounding them makes Fort Knox look like a toothpick sculpture. Not all mothers are wonderful and all children come with their challenges. However, in spite of all of that, there is one truth about moms and motherhood that supersedes all others. God has entrusted the mothers of this world with the welfare of His children. No one else can do the job they do. No other person or force has greater influence on a child and the life they will live. Fathers are amazing and their job is no less important. However, a mother’s influence begins at conception and a child innately looks to the mother to determine if they are loved and it is the interactions (or lack of) with the mother that will mostly determine the child’s self-concept and emotional health. Have you ever noticed that the first parent an adopted child seeks to find is the mother? There is no coincidence in that. It is from our mothers that we each, innately, look to to determine our worth and our value. A mother who abandons a child physically or emotionally creates a child who will eventually have to address his abandonment in order to achieve a healthy sense of self. I remember a conversation with a therapist I once had regarding one of my adopted children and the emotional issues that they dealt with because their birth mother had not properly cared for them. She said, “Who knew that when we were changing the diapers of our babies and they were screaming at us for doing so, that we were communicating to them that we loved them and helping them to know that we would keep them safe.” As the mother to both birth children and adopted children, I understand the worth of mothers. Those days and moments when we want to retire early from motherhood are not for us – they are for our children. I know that it can often seem like the payback moments of motherhood have ditched us for someone else. However, every time you celebrate a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day along with Alexander, know that what you are doing is priceless and that, in your own special way, you are making our world a better, happier, healthier and more loving place to be!  I want to give a heartfelt thanks to every woman who has mothered a child and helped them to feel loved and cherished. To all women who have nurtured and loved children, Happy Mother’s Day!


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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Mother's Day 2014Happy Mother’s Day and a huge heartfelt thanks to all mother’s of every kind who sincerely seek to improve the world and make it a better place by loving and nurturing the children of our world!

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Merry Christmas

christmas41During this holiday season, I always think about the good things that occur as we feel more inclined to reach out to friends, family, strangers and those in need. I love Christmas – but more importantly I love what Christmas represents. Our Savior’s birth and his death are pivotal events in the history and potential of mankind. I believe that few of us can truly comprehend the profound influence and blessings our Savior’s gifts to us.

In the most difficult of times, we are so richly blessed!

Seeing the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes in the nativity on my living room table reminds me of so many things:

  • The potential of each and every newborn baby
  • The incredible and perfect love of our Father in Heaven who knew only too well, at the birth of our Savior, what lay ahead for his infant son.
  • The ability of our Father in Heaven to communicate to his children and the resulting visits of the shepherds and wise men to the baby Jesus.
  • The mission that each of us is born accomplish and the responsibility that we each have to carry out those missions.
  • How interconnected we are as a human family and how important it is to love and support each other.
  • The importance of family and how our families were planned well in advance of our births.
  • The Joy that is meant to be ours as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

I sometimes struggle with the blatant efforts of commercial establishments to make the Christmas Holiday less of a spiritual experience and more of a see-how-much-we-can-get-consumers-to-spend experience.

However, I know that the true celebration of Christmas depends on us and not some box store that is brimming with consumer goods. I am grateful for the Christmas spirit that resides in my heart and in my own personal celebrations and I am grateful for the true Christmas spirit that I see demonstrated so often by my fellow men (and not just at Christmas time).

I am thankful for you and for the goodness you contribute to the world!

Merry Christmas!

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