Looking for Rainbows…

Rainbow waterfall-1082107

As I write today’s post, I sit in the PICU waiting room at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. My 10 year old granddaughter is in surgery. She sustained injuries 9 days ago in a rock slide while hiking in the mountains of Montana with her family. As a result of that rock slide, she sustained several injuries and has suffered through the pain of her injuries and all of the medical procedures intended to help her. Watching her suffer has been very difficult for her parents and all of her family & friends. Throughout these last nine days, I have reflected often on the fact that two situations have co-existed side by side throughout this ordeal. While my granddaughter’s injuries have been (and are) serious, it has not been lost on me that we have much to be grateful for. I realize that, in the midst of this trial, we have been blessed with miracle after miracle. She was a part of a rock slide in which an approximately 300 pound boulder landing on her abdomen. Yet, although she has a broken pelvis and other injuries, she does not have head trauma, broken ribs, broken appendages, nor was her spine injured. Prayers and blessings have been offered in her behalf and heaven has heard and responded. It is clear to me that God and his angels have had my granddaughter in their arms from the very moment the rock slide began. I realize that because of divine intervention, I and my family get to be concerned about her recovery rather than her loss. Did I mention that I hate hospitals? Suffice it to say that I have had many unpleasant experiences in hospitals. Did I also mention that I am grateful for those individuals who have been trained to handle the trauma of injuries like my granddaughters? I could choose to focus on all the negatives right now – but the truth is that although pain and trauma have made a place in our lives for a time, there is much to be grateful for and too many rainbows present to not know that God is with and assisting us. Today, I am extremely thankful for all of my rainbows.

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