Erma Bombeck talent revised

I loved Erma Bombeck. I loved her wit and her sense of humor. I’m pretty sure that when her time came (which seemed all too soon to me), that she got her wish. I am grateful for the laugh and giggles that she brought to my life. I am grateful for each individual that I share this planet with that uses and develops their talents. I am especially grateful for those who utilize their talents to improve and make better the world around us. One of Erma Bombeck’s great talents was to bring smiles to this world through her unique perspective and writing skills. I am a grateful recipient of her talent. However, there are other talents we can share that are just as important – yet often go unrecognized. Just today I went through a fast food drive through with my son. The young man leaned out the window when he handed my son his bag of food and asked him how his day was. Once my son replied, the young man leaned out towards me and said,”you are being kind of quiet!??” He went out of his way to acknowledge both me and my son and to give us one of his big welcoming smiles. That, to me, is an important talent. I easily acknowledge that I often struggle to be outgoing and welcoming. Yet, I am always grateful when someone shares that talent with me. I am going to keep working on developing that talent and the other talents that I believe God has granted me. What talents are yours to share with this world?!!

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