The Fallacy of Affirmations

Affirmations have gained great clout in the last several years. I don’t believe in affirmations – at least in the context that they are so commonly used in our modern world.

Take for example, a woman who decides that she wants to change her body type. Let’s say she used the following affirmation daily: “I am now shaped like a pear instead of an apple”. How many weeks would it take her to have a different body shape? It may seem ridiculously obvious that her transformation is never going to take place because what she is affirming to herself is based on a desire and not on truth. However, some of the affirmations that people commonly use are based on the same shaky logic.

I believe in truth. Truth is eternal and it cannot be changed.

I also believe in the power of thought. No action was ever taken that was not initiated first by a thought. I believe that we have the power to guide and control our thoughts and
I believe that when we learn truth, utilize it and internalize it – we have something amazing and powerful.

Affirmations of desire are of no consequence. Affirmations of truth – when we truly understand the truths of those affirmations, internalize those truths (believe in our hearts), and live those truths are incredibly effective.

We are so capable of amazing things. But… we must first know that we are truly capable of those amazing things.

I love the quote by Joseph B. Wirthlin: “We are created as much from the dust of eternity as we are from the dust of the earth. Everyone of us has potential we can scarcely imagine.”

Joseph Wirthlin’s quote is pure truth. We are created as much from the dust of eternity as we are the dust of the earth. And…everyone of us has potential we can scarcely imagine. However, though we may have difficulty imagining our potential – God has no difficulty at all in imagining our potential because He has a full and perfect knowledge of our potential. If we are willing to look to Him as our source of truth, add several dollops of individual effort and top it all off with faith – we have the ability to become amazing in all the ways that “amazing” truly counts!

So try this affirmation on:
“I am a child of God. He loves me perfectly and knows my potential. I will seek to know His will for me and then do it. As a unique individual, I have come to earth to accomplish wonderful things. I am a person of value and I can make a positive difference in the world around me. With the Lord’s help – anything I am meant to accomplish is and will be possible.”

That is an affirmation based on reality and truth!

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