The Happiest People…

Happiest People-796911Isn’t it interesting that so many people think that happiness will come with wealth and fame? I think it is even more interesting the so many people see those with wealth and fame struggle with unhappiness and yet continue to believe that wealth and fame will make them happy. I was never more full of joy and happiness than when I was in heaven. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t remember there being any money in heaven. There certainly was not vying for fame and wealth in heaven. Yet, it was so amazing there! I have known no one who has returned from a near death experience whose life has not changed and not one of them has had the focus of gaining wealth and fame. (That includes me.) The truth is that happiness comes from sharing time with those you love and learning and savoring the precious moments in life. Seeing a beautiful vista, smelling a bouquet of lilacs, holding the hand of a child, a tender hug from your main squeeze – that is happiness and that is the real stuff of life!

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