The Most Important Things…

Important Things revised-153926If you have followed my recent posts, you know that I have a granddaughter who was severely injured in a rock slide. It only takes a loss or a significant event such as my granddaughter’s accident to understand what is truly important in life. What I saw in heaven mirrored that sentiment. There was no worry about wealth or how many vacations we were going to get to take in heaven. Instead, we were concerned with our loved ones and how we could serve them – the most important loved one we wanted to serve being God himself. It is my goal to live my life so that I can return to heaven with a life history that I can be proud of. I don’t care if I win awards or if I become world famous. I do care that my history will show that I loved greatly and that I served others and made this world a better place to be. If I succeed in that endeavor, I will make the transition back to heaven with a smile and I will be filled with calm and peace.


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