The Presidential Election is About More Than Voting for a Pretty Face

It’s hard to avoid all of the political ads right now. I don’t mind political advertisements but I do mind the mindset that so many of them seem to stem from.

Like most advertisements – political advertisements are created based on their target audience or market. You may believe that everyone who is a registered voter is the target market. I don’t believe that’s true. I believe that those who create those commercials have a particular niche in mind.

As I have watched political campaigns over the course of my life – it seems to me that most campaigns gear their efforts towards that group of voters who is more concerned with the celebrity appeal of the candidate than with the intelligence, morality, ethics, business sense and/or the core beliefs and goals underlying an individual’s candidacy.
In today’s world, I’m not sure that George Washington or Abraham Lincoln would have had a chance.

However, in my heart of hearts, I believe in the basic goodness of mankind and therefore I believe that while the vocal minority often is given the lion’s share of press coverage – the silent majority have an equal opportunity to make their voices heard.
I believe that the United States of America has a Constitution that was inspired and I believe that this nation was guided to creation by God’s hand. As such, I believe that this nation is meant to embody the eternal principles that embody God’s works: truth, honesty, integrity, religious freedom, morality, benevolence, humility, virtue and service just to name a few.

When I look into the craggy faces of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and I see character born of choices based on those same eternal principles that I believe inspired the formation this nation.   Choices made not because they were popular or easy but choices made because they were the right thing to do.

I am not in favor of electing a president because he is a smooth talker, photogenic and he is willing to bend his views and policies to obtain votes. I am in favor of electing a president who not only espouses a belief in God but who utilizes a deep reliance on God to guide his choices and actions and whose life emulates those very values and principles that are taught in the scriptures.

Leading our country successfully – regardless of the problems it currently faces will depend on moral fortitude, adherence to timeless truths and understanding that even the most intelligent man or woman’s knowledge pales in comparison to that of their Creator. Hence, we need a president who is willing to utilize his own intelligence, the intelligence of the best moral minds in the country and who, once armed with the best information available, will turn to the Lord for direction, guidance, and inspiration in making his decisions.

Leading this nation should be about service – not about power.  Leading this nation should be about integrity not situational ethics. Leading this nation should be about electing a man who trusts in God, who has proven that he can be trusted, and who isn’t afraid to stand tall when those of lesser character harass or ridicule. This nation was founded upon “In God We Trust” and the freedoms we enjoy and the prosperity this country needs will depend on a leader who does just that.

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