To Love Oneself…

To Love Oneself1469244

Do you love yourself? Do you feel worthy of being loved? Do you know that God loves you? Loving yourself is not an egotistical kind of thing. Instead, loving yourself is essential to happiness and contentment. It also enables you to love and accept others. You are a child of God. He really is your Father. I remember a plaque that my husband once made for our oldest daughter shortly after she was born. I don’t remember the first words of the saying he used on the plaque but I do remember that it ended with “God don’t make no junk”! Although the grammar was less than wonderful – the concept is totally true. Recognizing your worth and your potential as a creation of God is a part of loving yourself. It is not just okay to love yourself, it is an essential component of creating the life that God designed you to live. You alone can be you…but you need to love yourself in order to be the most amazing and wonderful you that you were designed to be!

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