We Are All Visitors from Heaven…

We are all visitorsWe are all visitors from heaven.  The fact that most of us don’t remember our existence there is a testament to three things:

  • The importance of our time on earth
  • The importance of developing faith
  • God’s love and mercy

In order to really learn, grow, and develop faith, our experience on earth had to be free of our memories of our existence with God. Developing faith in ourselves and in God would have been impossible if we were allowed to retain those memories. If we were allowed to remember our Eternal Father – we would know him and no faith would be required. I saw, during my return to heaven, that developing faith was the primary underlying reason for our need to have a mortal experience. Though our time in mortality is short in contrast to our eternal existence, what we do here and what we learn here is enormously important. I was shown in heaven that learning to love, serve, and develop our gifts was vital to the overall success of our lives here on earth. We can all identify with how we miss loved ones when we must be absent from them for extended periods of time. Though we don’t remember those we have left behind to come to this life, we have left loved ones behind in heaven. It is a blessing that our loving Father in Heaven protects our memories of our previous existence so that homesickness and missing our loved ones does not get in the way of our growth experiences here. When we understand that life is a faith developing and personal growth experience, it helps to give us a truer perspective of the bigger picture!


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