We are Never Alone!

Never alone  person-338317We all feel alone at times. Sometimes that can feel okay and other times feelings of isolation, desperation, and incredible pain can accompany our aloneness. I love being alone with quiet and solitude but that is different than feeling like the world has abandoned it’s care and concern for you. At times, it can seem like no one cares. Though we most often cannot see them, the fact is that you are cared for! We are each surrounded by those who assist us from the other side. Sometimes they give us reminders. Sometimes they warn us. Sometimes they give us strength. Some called them guardian angels – I call them friends and family. Listen to your heart and you will know it is true. We are surrounded by those who love us and who help us. Personally, I am grateful for “my angels”! I know that I receive their assistance every day and that their care and strength has buoyed me through many a difficult moment. May you feel and recognize the efforts of your angels is my prayer for you this day!

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