We Have Been Set Up for Success!!!

I was reading chapter 41 of Alma the other day. Verse 8 caught my attention.  It says:
“Now, the decrees of God are unalterable; therefore, the way is prepared that whosoever may walk therein and be saved.

When I saw the pre-existence and the extensive preparations that were taking place to prepare each of us to come to earth – I was so impressed with just how organized and extensive those preparations were.

I have been to some very well organized events in my lifetime. Some of them so well organized that I was left in awe of how well the organizers had prepared for and anticipated every need. Yet, I have never seen anything like what I saw taking place in heaven to prepare us for our lives on earth.

It all makes perfect sense – after all our Heavenly Father is perfect. He loves us perfectly and certainly has the ability to prepare us for life perfectly as well.

So when I read Alma 41:8 it was another affirmation of truth that I already knew but still – a really important reminder.

The way has already been prepared. Isn’t it wonderful to know that every essential preparation has already been made? Every single one of us has been a recipient of that preparation.

All that is left now is the execution of the preparations. That is where our responsibility comes in. We must have the desire and be willing to “walk therein and be saved”.
I can’t help but feel amazed to know that the success of every life past, present and future has been prepared for and that all of the tools, assistance and strength that are needed to guarantee our success are in place.

We are not guaranteed that the efforts that will be needed will be minimal. In fact, we can pretty much be sure that the whole process will require our best efforts. But…where else can you get that kind of deal? It’s like Heavenly Father telling us that if we give Him our best effort – He will take that effort, combine it with the power of the Atonement and then guarantee that we win the ultimate prize or reward!

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