Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! Mine, is not a typical blog. I am not a wannabe author that can’t wait to flourish the world with my words. Instead, my intent is to teach, share and to make a difference!

During my visit to heaven, God taught me about truth. Truth is everywhere – hidden in plain sight. All truth comes from God. My intent is to share God, his truth, and to help and inspire!

I am not a professional graphic designer (far from it), but every day, Monday through Friday, I create a meme (an amazing photo with an inspiring quote). Then, I pair my meme with an article, blog post or video that I find inspirational or that teaches some wonderful truth or life skill. There is lots of inspiration to be found in this world of ours and it comes in a lot of forms – inspiring words, beautiful music, acts of kindness, stunning sunrises and more!

This is not my paying job. This is my way of sharing a portion of what God taught me during my near-death experience. I share this tid bit about me because I want you to know that we are all a part of this world and we all have a part to play. We don’t have to be world famous to make a difference – our simple acts of kindness and selflessness often make the most important difference!

I hope you will be taught and inspired by my daily posts. If you are, I hope you will share my posts on the social media sites that you frequent!  Then, most important of all, I hope your heart will speak to you of some small and simple way that you can make the world a better place…you know, give those around you and those you love their own little “Glimpse of Heaven”!

Life is short but it is vitally important! None of us can do everything but we each can do something! What are you waiting for?!!!

If you would like to learn more about my near-death experience, be sure to grab a copy of my book, A Glimpse of Heaven!

I hope you have an Inspirational Day!

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