What Are You Planting?

Plant in our mind  peace-of-mind-349815When I was going through severe depression, for many months I fought to get my emotional health back. One of the things that I found that I needed to do was to listen. I didn’t need to listen to anyone else – I had to listen to me. Some of those thoughts I found myself having were shocking to me. I found that for years I had had thoughts like I never should have been born or no one can truly love me. Prior to that point in my life, I had believed that I was a person of a positive mind set. Yet, when I took time to listen, really listen to those subliminal thoughts that barely whisper their presence, I heard those vile shocking messages being communicated to the deepest inner recesses of my being. Overcoming negative self-perception is not easy but I know it can be done. We can come to believe the truth about ourselves. The truth is that we are amazing individuals who are capable of amazing things. With God’s help, we can accomplish miracles! So start mind planting the positive things you want to see in your life!

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