What I Learned in Heaven #12: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward One of the interesting things that I learned in heaven is that we are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Another interesting thing I learned is that in this life we are expected to put our best foot forward – to do the best we are capable of doing; not the best that our neighbor, friend, or family member can do. That means that God expects us to do what we are capable of doing. We live in a world of Entitlement. So many expect everything that they want to be given to them.  All the hand outs in the world will not create of us what we are meant to become nor will they bless us with deep, inner happiness. In order to do that, we must believe in ourselves, our abilities, and in the ability of God to increase our results as we put our best efforts forward. The truth is that what we become is generated by what is inside of us and not what we surround ourselves with (materially speaking). For example, if a man (or woman) is to become more loving – their heart must become receptive to vulnerability and they must be willing to place the needs of others’ before their own. No one would think that surrounding ourselves with heart shaped pillows would do the trick. However, when we try to address personal growth, we often use the same type of heart pillow logic to try to solve our problems. Things and more things are never the answer. The answer lies in making God our most important partner in all that we do and listening to our hearts. Then, with our God by our side, we need to put our BEST FOOT FORWARD!

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