What I learned in Heaven #7

Burned or RefinedAs I was shown my life as it would transpire, it was made clear to me that my choices would be what dictated the final outcome – the life that I ultimately would have. The life I was shown was the life I would have if I chose to depend on God and use my Savior’s assistance. It was not a life free of sickness, pain or difficulties. It was, however, the life that ultimately would assist me in becoming the best me possible. Many times as I met with the Father of my Soul – I was reminded that I would need to “Remember Him”. I was promised that as long as I “Remembered Him”, I would succeed. Remembering Him does not remove all of the pain or challenges in my life – but it clearly makes the difference as to whether I bloom and grow or wither with resentment and bitterness. Life was never meant to be easy – it is meant to teach and improve us. So when you are faced with a difficult challenge in life, remember the choice is yours whether you get burned or whether you become refined by the experience – the key is in “Remembering Him”.

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