What I Learned In Heaven #8

LightintheWorldSaying that God is your Father is not the same as knowing deep in your heart of hearts that you truly are a child of God – that He created you and that, as a result, you are a part of Divinity yourself. I believe that most of God’s children would be awed and amazed by the depth of Love and Reverence that our Creator has for us. He truly cherishes and adores us and His efforts and desire to assist us is beyond mortal comprehension. We have, within each of us, a connection to God’s light and love. Our willingness (or unwillingness) to know God and to know who we truly are is like a dimmer switch. The more we seek for God and His truth, the brighter the light and love within us becomes. As we come to know who we truly are and who our Creator truly is, our internal light shines brighter and brighter – bringing peace and joy into our lives and providing greater light and love in the world around us.

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