What I Want My Grandchildren to Know

I have noticed that there seems to be some confused folks in this world…folks who think that what they do, say, or think doesn’t matter. I want my grandchildren to know that it all matters. Everything we do, say and think…matters a lot.

If you are one of those folks that thinks that your life or what you do doesn’t matter…or maybe that it only matters if you are rich or famous then I hope you will re-think your opinion.

Think about this. ..What if your thoughts are constantly the negative kind. You know – the kind that tell yourself that you will never measure up, that you will never amount to anything, that you will never be able to do what you want to do or maybe even that you are stupid? Will those thoughts give you confidence? Do they encourage you to reach for your potential? Do they even help you believe that you can make a difference in this world?

Now think back to the last time your heart was touched by a kind deed. Maybe the grocery clerk smiled and expressed genuine interest. Maybe someone much frailer than you held a door for you. Maybe you got a big hug from a grandchild or even a child you barely know. Didn’t that small gesture brighten your day and didn’t it make you feel better? Your kind deeds have the potential to do the same for someone else.

Our thoughts have the ability to lift us or stifle us. The interesting thing it is all up to us. No one else can control our thoughts. No one else can determine our attitude and our outlook but we can – and how we do it matters. Our thoughts will steer our direction in life and they can have a positive influence on others if we will make it a habit of making those thoughts positive and constructive.

What we say matters too! I, for one, have never seen anyone helped our uplifted by moaning and complaining but I sure have seen another whose lot in life seemed more difficult than mine inspire me because of their kind words and their willingness to look beyond their personal difficulties and reach in positive ways out to those around them.

And then there’s that “do” thing. Have you ever done something without at least thinking about it first? That’s how life works…thoughts preceding actions. Which means are thoughts are extremely important when it comes to actions.

I want my grandchildren to know that it matters how you think, how you talk, and how you act. Your thoughts can build you and those around you or they can hold you prisoner and ruin your life. Being kind with your thoughts and your words will never hurt you…it will only help you. And your actions count. What goes around comes around. Life works in circles. Being courteous, kind and loving will not only make this world a better place to live…it will make your life a better and more blessed one!

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