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Doorway to Heaven

Have you ever found that your interpretation of who God is has changed with where you are in your life and the situations that you are or have faced?

There was once a time when my understanding of God was greatly influenced by where I saw myself. If I believed that my life was in a good place and filled with blessings – then God loved me and all was well. However, if the events surrounding my life seemed unfair – then I would question God’s love for me and wonder what I had done to deserve my circumstances.

I was fairly young during those times of uncertainty and doubt. Over  time, life experiences (which relied heavily on God’s guidance) showed me that even though life was not always fair – my Father in Heaven was always there and always helping me (even if the help came in ways I had not requested or did not always understand).

I am a witness not only of God’s existence but of his character and perfection. Why I have been blessed to be such a witness I cannot say. I can only say that apparently God knows my heart and knows my capacity to witness of His perfection better than I do.
Many life experiences have given me that witness but the crowning event of my “witnessing” came on a night that I had prayed to my Heavenly Father and expressed to Him my intent to end my life the next day. It was on that night, after my tearful prayer, that I was escorted back to that place where we (you and I) were being prepared to come to earth.

I think you could call the place I visited heaven. Whether it was literally heaven or not doesn’t really matter to me. God was there and a spirit of love so powerful that all partakers of that environment revered our Father in Heaven, loved, honored, &served each other, and wanted to make the most of our divine potential. In a word – it was glorious and heaven like place even if it wasn’t heaven.

It was there that I was shown a meeting that I had once had with my Father in Heaven. It was during that meeting that I came to know, in ways I can only describe as profound, the complete perfection and all knowing intelligence of my Creator.

That meeting taught me that my Creator has great expectations of me, loves me perfectly and completely, knows me and my potential in ways I have not yet begun to comprehend, and is my ardent and most devoted supporter and guide. I also was shown that He is not a respecter of persons –in other words, those feelings and desire to teach and guide me were not isolated to just me but extended to each and every one of His children.

I saw preparations taking place in that place I will call heaven. I think the best comparison I could make of what I saw is to compare it to a major opening of a massive department store. Everyone was being trained and given a part in deciding which “department(s)” (life experiences) they would participate in. No detail was overlooked and great attention was given to making sure that individuals were matched with those “departments” which would give them most opportunity for learning and advancement. So intensive was that training that no one walked away from their training without being fully and completely prepared for the “department store” work that they would participate in. Those preparations were the most complete and best organized training event I have ever witnessed.

Of course, after the training comes the real deal – earth life. How amazing to know that we were all so incredibly trained and prepared and yet we have come to earth with memories of our training erased. It would almost seem like a cruel trick were it not that we were each sent here with a couple of guides – guides called our conscience and our heart. We each have been blessed to inherently know right from wrong and to feel God’s love for us in our hearts. Though we can ignore those feelings and that guidance and, as a result, have those gifts overshadowed by selfishness and disobedience to God’s commandments; we also have the choice to utilize those gifts, refine our ability to use them and utilize them in ways that will make ourselves and the world around us better.
As we open our hearts and follow our conscience, we are allowed to know our Creator better; more freely feel His perfect love for us and better understand our own potential and worth.

I don’t know how long I was allowed to stay in that glorious place I call heaven but I know that I will never be the same as a result of that precious experience.  That glimpse I was given of my Father in Heaven will remain with me forever. The truth of who my Divine Father is and what He desires for each of us resonates within my heart and soul:

•    He is perfect, unchanging, and loving. Any human efforts to make him mortal or to change Him are only human efforts to remove Him and His divinity from our lives. He is the God of Adam, Moses, and Paul. As such, the teachings revealed to and taught by them still apply now as much as they did then.

•    He is the Creator of this earth and all that lives here. As such, He is completely aware of each hair on our heads, each leaf that leaves the branch of a tree, and every feather on the body of a bird. I cannot even remotely begin to explain how He does it – I just know that He can and He does.

•    He is a God of truth and righteousness. His work is to guide us to truth, enable us to develop our God- like potential and to help us improve and be better.

•    He is a God of complete knowledge and intelligence. He knows us. He knows our potential and He knows how to guide us to reach it. While I was in heaven, I saw that my Heavenly Father’s understanding of me would not stifle me and impair me in any way. He sees beyond my own limited perspective and knows not only my complete potential but what will provide me with the greatest fulfillment and joy. I only have to be a willing participant.

•    He is a God of justice and mercy. To revert back to my department store example, there will come a time for “employee reviews”. As such, it is important that we live in accordance with those things we know to be true and right. We will all return and we will all be judged. He will extend all of the mercy that we deserve but He will not reward us equally. His perfect discernment will take into account our experiences, our knowledge and our works. His reward will not be one of “one size fits all”. Each of us will be given the reward that we deserve based on His perfect understanding.

•    He is a Divine mentor. We have no greater supporter, fan, or counselor. He is truly there for us if we are willing to reach out to Him and to embrace Him and His truth.

•    He is a God of inspiration. God will guide us, inspire us, and provide us with all the help we need (notice I did not say all the guidance we want). He is our unfailing source of support. We have the gifts of prayer and personal revelation available to us 24/7 as long as we are willing to ask, listen and then follow through with the guidance we are given.

I am grateful to know who God is. I am grateful for the many profound blessings which are a part of my life because of His guidance and support in my life. I am grateful for His perfection and for His love and I am grateful to be able to call Him Father.

What life experiences have you had with our creator? What experiences have increased your faith and how? What wonderful things has our Father in Heaven taught you? I look forward to hearing your stories!

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