Worry Does Not Empty Tomorrow of its Sorrow…

Worry  tree-76897We all worry a little from time to time. However, when that worry becomes more than a brief moment and, instead, becomes a habitual way of life; it becomes a deterrent to our progress and our happiness. Worry and fear are both faith erasers. Where one or both are found, faith is eroded and/or non-existent. Faith and hope feed our progress. Worry and fear destroy our progress. God’s desire for us is to grow and flourish! He is not a God of fear and worry – He is a God of faith, hope and love! When you are inclined to worry, think about how God would want you to handle the situation? Would He want you to shrink with fear and worry? Or, would He want you to move forward with hope and faith? May your today be full of faith and strength!

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