You are His…

His revised sunset-691848Do you recognize your incredible worth? Or, do you use the world’s standards to decide if you are someone important? Have you given up on your dreams or goals because you’ve decided that you’re nobody special? Is it always everyone else that is talented and gifted? If so, I believe that you misunderstand how much you are loved by the Lord and the fact that we all have been given gifts and talents that are ours to share with the world. Your gift(s) may not be musical or the kind that wins you world acclaim but that does not make your gifts any less important. In heaven, the gift that had the greatest value was the gift of love. If you have shared your love and/or helped another know that they are loved, you have manifested one of the most important gifts there is to give. So very often, sharing a smile means more than sharing a dollar. When the time comes to take our last mortal breath, our life will not be valued for the empire we have built, it will be valued for the lasting positive impact we have left on the world.

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