You Have the Power….

Your Power sunrise-1634125You may think of yourself as one unit. In reality, you are a combination of your spirit and your body. In some way that I do not yet understand, our spirit and body is united while we remain alive in mortality. When I left my body during my near-death experience, my spirit remained very much alive. The part of me that feels and has emotions and thoughts is my spirit. I know that our spirits are immortal. We were given personal power by our creator before this world ever was. We continue to have that personal power. We have the power to choose, to learn, to rise above our difficulties and weaknesses! However, we must make a conscious choice to understand and to exercise our personal power. I hope you will use your personal power to make this world a better place! That is my personal goal! Our personal power is a priceless gift from God! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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